The ultimate list of free learning resources

I’ve searched and compiled all of my favorite learning resources for learning from home from tons of websites all over the internet! Some are homeschool websites, some are just for learning, either way here is the list of websites I personally use! Feel free to copy and paste and save this into a word documentContinue reading “The ultimate list of free learning resources”

Where to find home school curriculum

Choosing curriculum is easily one of the most challenging parts of starting to home school… There are so many options out there, and they are all pretty different. It can be really overwhelming at first. I draw from a combination of several sources and compile them to make the curriculum best fit to support myContinue reading “Where to find home school curriculum”

What you should do BEFORE you start homeschooling

Research the home school laws in your state. I recommend you do this before you even go any further. Some states require certain things to be in compliance with your state’s law. For me, I live in Oklahoma which is one of the most relaxed places when it comes to homeschooling, so all I didContinue reading “What you should do BEFORE you start homeschooling”

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